Bariatric Supplements

Staying healthy both before and after bariatric surgery is extremely important but not always easy. With so many dietary changes, including the potential for challenges in vitamin absorption, consistent access to vitamins and minerals is essential.

Bariatric supplements, include many vitamins and minerals designed to maintain and enhance health and wellness for patients undergoing a bariatric journey. With customized guidance to help with product selection, Beltline Health can offer personalized support to address these health concerns and dietary needs.

Beltline Health is happy to provide Bariatric Advantage, Bariatric Fusion, and Celebrate Vitamin products to help you meet your nutritional requirements after bariatric surgery.

Nutritional Deficiencies Following Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is a very effective treatment method for obesity, but there are nutritional risks associated with the process. Dietary changes and changes to the digestive tract lead to substantial adjustments to how the body processes and digests food. As a result, it is very possible to experience vitamin and nutrient deficiencies that can lead to an array of adverse side effects. These deficiencies can vary from one procedure to another, so taking the right bariatric supplements for your surgery will help to prevent these deficiencies and promote your health and overall wellness.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the newer treatment options for medical weight loss, and here at Beltline Health, we perform this procedure using minimally-invasive, robot-assisted technologies that are designed to help you feel better, faster.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass surgery is widely considered to be the “gold standard” when it comes to medical weight loss procedures. It is now the most common type of bariatric surgery performed in the United States, and in addition to helping patients shed unwanted.

Duodenal Switch

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 50 or greater, you may be considering having duodenal switch surgery. This innovative weight loss procedure is used to treat patients who are classified as ‘super obese’ and at a high risk of developing other illnsses.

The Importance of Bariatric Supplements

Malnutrition can be a serious issue in those who have undergone bariatric surgery. While it’s true that many Americans do not consume the vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy, taking the steps to remedy this is more important than ever following surgery. Malnutrition is linked to numerous health consequences, including:

Compromised Immune System
Osteoarthritis / decreased bone mineral density
Respiratory problems
Hair Loss
Vision Problems
Cognitive Impairment

Bariatric Supplements at Beltline Health

Malnutrition can be very serious, but proper measures can ensure a low risk of complications, even following a bariatric procedure like gastric bypass. The right supplements, like vitamins, minerals, and meal replacements, can make a big difference in helping you stay safe and healthy after surgery.

At Beltline Health, patients have access to customized guidance and supplement planning to ensure the right fit for dietary preferences, surgical procedure, and potential problem areas, both before and after surgery. From calcium to folic acid, the right bariatric supplements can improve the outcome of weight loss surgery.

If you want to do right by your health after bariatric surgery, the right combination of vitamins and minerals will ensure that you are truly taking care of your health. With help from Beltline Health, you can find the support you need to lose weight in a safe, sustainable manner. Contact us today or watch our free weight loss surgery seminar to learn more!

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