Innovative Robotic Weight Loss Surgery

Our medical director, Dr. Roger Eduardo, MD, FACS is a highly-respected expert in the field of obesity and robotic weight loss surgery. He has dedicated his entire career to helping people who struggle with excess weight, and he has been performing fully robotic gastric surgeries for more than a decade.

Because Dr. Eduardo knows that matching the right weight loss procedure to the right patient is important, he performs three types of surgeries our Newnan, GA bariatric center – gastric sleeve, the duodenal switch, and the sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve surgery). He is also highly skilled in performing revisional bariatric surgery to correct problems with previous procedures including gastric band placement and over-extension of the gastric sleeve caused by overeating.

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When diets and exercise simply haven’t worked to help you achieve and maintain healthy body weight, it could be time to consider having surgical weight loss at our Newnan, GA bariatric center. After all, being obese goes beyond your outward appearance – carrying excess weight can lead to serious medical complications, chronic diseases, and take years off of your life.

Here at Beltline Health, we are committed to providing you with the medical expertise, bariatric surgery options and ongoing support you need to make a real, lasting change in your life. We bring together world-class surgical technologies with personalized, compassionate care to help you beat the odds and become a healthier, happier you.

Patient-Centered Care and Ongoing Support

At Beltline Health, we understand that bariatric surgery is just one part of treating chronic, morbid obesity – that’s why we have created a comprehensive, patient-centered program in Newnan, GA that addresses the emotional aspect of weight loss surgery. We know that maintaining lasting success goes beyond simply shedding your unwanted pounds – it involves dealing with the root cause of your obesity and learning new, healthier ways to live.

‍Our team of caring bariatric experts includes licensed dietitians, family nurse practitioners, and lifestyle coaches who are all working together to help our patients achieve lasting success. We are committed to excellence in both pre-surgical and post-surgical weight loss care in Newnan, GA, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our services.

World-Class Bariatric Care in Newnan, GA

We work hard to reduce the traditional barriers to bariatric surgery – that’s why we’ve established our Newnan, GA weight loss surgery center in an area that’s easy to access from communities such as Sharpsburg, Luthersville, Whitesburg, and Union City.

Located at 300 Bullsboro Dr., Newnan, GA, 30263, our Newnan bariatric surgery center is just off the I-85 at Route 34, close to Piedmont Newnan Hospital, the White Oak Golf Club and the Georgia Department of Driver Services – Newnan.

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When you’re ready to take the next step along your weight loss journey, enroll in one of our complimentary patient education seminars. During our free in-person informative seminar, you’ll learn more about our surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs, meet members of our Newnan, GA bariatric center team, and have the opportunity to ask questions about our services. We also offer a free online seminar for your convenience.

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