TeleHealth Appointments

At Beltline Health, we understand the life-long commitment our patients make when deciding to take charge of their weight loss and that this journey is not always an easy one. Your weight loss journey should not be made any more complicated than it needs to be, and that is why we offer virtual appointments for all of our patients – your journey to weight loss can be difficult, your trip to your appointment shouldn’t be!

Benefits of TeleHealth Appointments

Virtual visits with the Beltline Health team provide new and current patients with more opportunities to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals from the comfort of their own home, such as:

  • Post-surgery follow-up appointments
  • Pre and Post-operative diet support
  • Speaking with a registered dietitian to stay accountable
  • Quickly review test results with your surgeon or physician
  • All medical questions answered
  • Meet insurance requires
  • Obtain support from your Nurse Practitioner
  • Avoid sitting in traffic or taking lengthy car rides
  • Spare the expense of parking charges

How to connect to a Telehealth Appointment

You can connect to the appointment through your Patient Portal (PHR).

What is Required to Connect to my Telehealth Appointment?
1. A Patient Portal account through your provider’s office.
2. Google Chrome web browser to sign into your Patient Portal account online.
3. A microphone and/or a webcam, depending on what your provider has recommended.
4. A secure internet connection.

How do I Login to Azalea Patient Portal?
Signing into your Azalea PHR account can be done in 4 SIMPLE steps!

1. Provide your doctor’s office with your email address.
2. You will receive an email notifying you of your patient portal enrollment.
3. Using the link provided in the email, set up your custom password and patient portal account.
4. Easily and securely access your information from anywhere with internet capabilities!

How do I Connect to my Telehealth Appointment?
After you login to your Patient Portal account, follow these steps to join your appointment:

1. Click on the “Portal” tab in the upper left-hand corner, to the left of your name. 
2. Click the phone icon next to the telehealth appointment, underneath the “Upcoming Telehealth Appointments” section on the right side of the screen.
3. Allow Azalea Health to access your camera and microphone (if applicable) by selecting “Continue allowing to access your microphone” 
4. Click “Join Meeting”
5. Wait for your provider to join!

Frequently Asked Questions

Telehealth is a new technology to many patients, and we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Use the contact us page to submit your questions or call our office at 470-419-4380

Does my insurance cover telehealth?
The majority of insurance plans do provide coverage for virtual visits and consider them the same as an in-office visit.

What if I do not have an email address?
You can obtain a free email address through

What if I do not have a microphone or webcam?
A microphone and webcam are required to join the appointment. Please discuss the requirements for the telehealth appointment with your provider, as your provider may require both the microphone and webcam.

Who should I contact if I experience issues while trying to connect to my appointment?
If you experience issues trying to connect please contact Beltline Health